About verycool.dev

Verycool.dev is a digital media website created by Daniel Dunderfelt. We publish mostly news and opinion about programming and things related to being a developer.

The technology

The site is built with open-source technologies (GatsbyJS)[https://www.gatsbyjs.org/] and React. We use Netlify CMS to manage content and we are hosted on Netlify. These technologies and services are what enables this website to work reliably and fast like lightning!

For analytics we use the open-source app Fathom installed on our own server. Fathom allows us to gather valuable insight into how the website is performing while not encroaching on our readers' privacy. Read more in our privacy policy.

The people

So far verycool.dev is one person, Daniel Dunderfelt. Hi! I am a freelance web developer and I created this site with the technologies described above. I am looking to expand at some point, so if writing for a tech site sounds fun to you, please contact me at editor@verycool.dev. The site isn't generating any revenue as of writing, but I plan to address that at some point through ads and sponsored content or other more innovative means. (TODO: update this part when that happens. TODO: remove the todo's)

What are you still reading the about page for? All the content is on the front page!