const veryCoolDev = new VeryCool({ tld: "dev" })

const veryCoolDev = new VeryCool({ tld: "dev" })
Welcome to the newest incarnation of a VERYCOOL blog! This one is all about programming and software development, and we want to highlight the coolest new developments in the industry. That means exciting topics like machine learning, newly released libraries, useful development tools, groundbreaking services, awesome people, and very cool things of that caliber.

Glad you made it over the fold, there is still some introductioning left to be done. Hi, I am Daniel Dunderfelt, the creator and first contributor of I am a full-stack web developer by trade, mostly working in the realm of Javascript, React and Node. To keep my skills sharp and up to date, I'm constantly on the lookout for the next cool thing. Instead of just keeping it to myself, I thought that it would be very cool to collect all the very cool things I come across in a blog. It might even make me search out and try even more things in to write about, so here we are!

If Javascript is not your jam, fear not, as will by no means only have content about Javascript. I aim for a broad mix of general (but always very cool) programming topics that would interest developers of any kind. Granted, I do have a bias towards Javascript myself and featured libraries will probably be mostly Javascript, but I have two remedies for that: 1. personal interest in broadening my horizons and looking at new languages, and 2. let's just say I don't want to write alone forever.

Okay, I could have said that second part better: I want to hire more people to write for! I do not intend this to be "Daniel's blog". If you are interested, send me a message at and tell me a bit about yourself and what you would like to write about. And I'm not talking about an unpaid gig either! As soon as I figure out some nice monetization strategies and we get some traffic flowing, all writers will be paid writers.

About that monetization: is a sideproject of mine for now, but that doesn't mean I don't want to get paid for my work. As I said above I also want other people to write for and I don't expect anyone to do it for free! So some kind of monetization will be added at some point in the form of ads, crowdfunding/donations and sponsored content. It is important to me that your privacy is respected, so no form of monetization on will ever spy on you or track you. I want ads that target the content of this site rather than you, and any sponsored content will be loudly and proudly marked as such.

This is just the beginning of, and also the VERY COOL network in general. Apart from this site, it already includes which is all about technology and gadgets, and honorary member which is the "Daniel's blog" that isn't.

I would be really interested in hearing what you (yes, YOU) think about all this, so shoot me an email at or tweet me at ddunderfelt if you have any thoughts you want to share.

See you in the next article!