Privacy policy

Our privacy policy is very simple: your privacy is yours and we have no interest in spying on you.

The website uses the Fathom web analytics service, which we self-host on our own server using the domain Fathom is open source and can be viewed on Github: Fathom collects minimal data on how many pageviews gets, which pages are visited and from which referrer the visitor came.

The website sets one cookie, the Fathom cookie. The cookie contains a random identifier and does not track the user around the web. Fathom tracking can be easily disabled by enabling "do not track" in your browser. From Fathom's data policy:

Fathom gathers a minimal amount of data to identify specific information about a website’s use. For example, which pages have been visited and for long they were viewed.

Fathom does not process an excessive amount of data about each website user to achieve this. Unlike many other analytics services, Fathom does not gather data points such as IP address, device configuration, geo-location data.

Fathom does not store a unique identifier for each website visitor so we can track their path through the website. We regenerate a new identifier for each visitor every time they visit a page. We do not link the old identifier to the new one.

We forget about a site visitor once they have not interacted with the site after 30 minutes. or any open source library we've used may use your browser's local storage facilities to enable various features. We will not use cookies or local storage for any personal information or tracking purposes.

While not yet active, we reserve the right to show ads on in the future. We will update this privacy policy when the time comes, but expect the same privacy-first approach as we took with the web analytics solution.

Contact if you have questions or concerns about how we handle privacy or the site in general.